Affirmations For Attracting Clients

affirmations for attracting clients

Whether you’re running your own business or it’s your role in your job to build your customer base, attracting clients, and the right kind of clients, can be difficult.

If you’ve already spent your advertising budget for this month and are wondering what on Earth else you could do to get your business noticed and start attracting clients to your firm, consider using affirmations!

It’s not just mumbo jumbo, positive affirmations have been scientifically proven to be able to make changes in our brains and those changes can lead to all kinds of positive outcomes.

Using the right affirmations can make you a client magnet and have you attracting all sorts of business opportunities to you and/or your company.

If you’re not sure how to use affirmations to attract clients, it’s pretty simple. Just choose a few affirmations from our extensive list below. Choose ones that truly resonate with you and what you are trying to achieve and then start practicing using these positive affirmations every day.

client attraction affirmations

For best results repeat each affirmation 10-15 times and do this at least twice a day. You can say the affirmations out loud, in your head or record them and listen to them over and over.

Some people like to print them out or even write them in a notebook repeatedly. Choose the way that works best for you and fits into your lifestyle.

So, what are you waiting for? Your perfect clients are out there waiting for you, let’s start helping them find you! Pick the affirmations that suit you best from the list below and start attracting your perfect clients today!

Affirmations To Attract Clients

I am a client magnet
  • I am a client magnet.
  • I have just what my clients need.
  • The more clients I support, the more I can make a difference.
  • I am able to turn my expertise into income.
  • I love helping clients.
  • I easily attract clients who pay me well.
  • Attracting new clients comes easily to me.
  • I love how happy clients are with the work that I do for them.
  • I naturally attract people who are ready to work with me.
  • I naturally attract clients who happily pay my fee.
Happily pay fee
  • I am worthy of serving high quality clients.
  • I love how easy it is for me to find new clients.
  • Finding new clients is easy for me.
  • It is easy to attract my perfect, ideal clients.
  • It is normal for clients to find me.
  • I am great at attracting and helping new clients.
  • I have a lot to offer my clients.
  • I love how my clients are so happy with my work they leave me glowing testimonials and five star reviews.
  • I choose to attract great clients.
  • I care about my clients and their satisfaction.
  • It is easy for me to make my clients happy.
Easy make happy
  • I am worthy of success.
  • My clients deserve the best and that is what I give them.
  • I love helping customers.
  • I am confident in my abilities to serve my clients well.
  • I am confident in my abilities to attract the right clients.
  • I am naturally good at finding the best clients.
  • I always seem to be in the right place at the right time.
  • It is easy to find my perfect clients and also easy for my clients to find me.
  • I offer great value to my clients – it’s no wonder I attract so many of them!
  • I have more clients than I need.
  • Having so many clients is great because I get to pick the ones I want to work with.
  • Successful people are attracted to me.
Successful people
  • I easily attract successful people who make perfect clients for my business.
  • I am ready to help my clients.
  • I am ready to start working with more clients.
  • I am in the process of building my client base.
  • It is so easy for clients to find me.
  • I am the best in the business which is why new clients find me every day.
  • I am actively sought out by clients who want the best.
  • I am grateful for the consistent flow of clients bringing me money and success.
  • I attract my ideal customers and clients with my positive energy.
  • New clients are drawn to me.
  • Every day more new clients contact me.
Every day new clients
  • I always go above and beyond for my clients which is why I attract and keep clients easily.
  • I enjoy working with my clients.
  • My clients are a pleasure to work with and a source of joy in my life.
  • I attract new clients every single day.
  • I am a perfect match for my ideal clients.
  • I am confident in my ability to keep my clients happy.
  • My clients love working with me.
  • My clients always pay their bills.
  • Attracting quality clients comes naturally to me.
  • People want to work with me.
  • I choose to allow new clients to easily find me.
  • I love working with my clients and my clients love working with me.
  • New clients are drawn to me and my work.
New clients drawn
  • I am amazed and happy about how quickly word spread about my business – now I have new clients and customers every day.
  • I love how I feel knowing that I could easily manifest as many clients as my business needs, whenever I want to.
  • I am in the process of attracting my perfect customer base.
  • I love how it feels when I meet a perfect client and everything just clicks into place.
  • I intend to increase my client base regularly with ease.
  • It’s normal for my customer base to keep growing every day.
  • I enjoy finding new clients.
  • I enjoy finding the perfect client.
  • I choose to work with the best people.
  • I choose to enjoy working with my clients.
  • I choose to service the perfect number of clients for my business.
  • Growing my business is easy for me.
Growing my business
  • I am always happy when I hear how quickly word is spreading about my business.
  • I love it when my clients tell their friends how happy they are with my services.
  • I love how word of mouth is helping my business to grow.
  • I am worthy of financial success.
  • I enjoy working with my ideal clients.
  • Sales and success come easily to me.
  • It is normal for me to find new clients every day.
  • I love how I don’t even have to try to get new clients – they always find me!
  • I love how my client list is overflowing.
  • I love how my clients are easy to work with and easy to please.
  • It is easy to make my clients happy.
  • I enjoy doing my job each day.
  • I am grateful for the abundance of clients.
Grateful for abundance
  • I am grateful that my ideal clients are always reaching out to me.
  • I love meeting new people.
  • I love it when clients become friends.
  • I am building a successful business everyday.
  • I always attract the best clients.
  • Clients love to work with me.
  • It is normal for me to be successful.
  • I am happiest when I am helping my clients.
  • I am in great demand.
  • I am grateful for the opportunities and clients that come my way.
  • I intend to serve my clients well.
  • I offer great value to my clients.
  • My clients love doing business with me.
  • It is normal to get repeat business from my clients.
Normal repeat business
  • My clients always come back wanting more.
  • I trust in my ability to attract perfect clients.
  • I easily attract powerful, positive people into my life.
  • I love how my work is so much easier now that I have such great clients.
  • I enjoy going to work each day.
  • I get a buzz out of attracting new clients.
  • I attract success.
  • My perfect clients find me easily and effortlessly.
  • I easily attract the clients I want to work with.
  • I attract wealthy and powerful people to my business.
  • I am easy to get along with.
  • I am excited to work with new clients.
Excited work with new clients
  • I am successful at attracting new clients to my business.
  • My clients love the energy I bring.
  • I attract more clients than I could possibly work with.
  • I always under-promise and over-deliver so my clients are always happy.
  • I am great at knowing exactly who I want to work with.
  • It is easy for me to define my perfect client.
  • I am so happy that my clients like what I can offer them.
  • I am happy and grateful that my business is a magnet for my ideal clients.
  • I am attracting new clients each day.
Attracting new clients each day
  • I am great at listening to my clients’ needs.
  • I am the best in the business.
  • My clients are always so happy when they find me.
  • I am happy that my business is so successful in looking after our customers.
  • I am happy that my business fills a need in society.
  • I am good at helping to solve other people’s problems.
  • I love learning from my customers and helping to meet their needs.
  • It is easy for clients to understand how I can help them.
  • I am worthy of positive cash flow.
  • I love having clients who always pay on time.
  • I enjoy having a long waiting list of clients.
  • I enjoy finding solutions for my clients.
  • I love taking the time to understand my clients needs.
  • I am capable of taking good care of my clients.
  • I am good at looking after my clients.
Looking after clients
  • My clients always get the best from me.
  • I deserve the best clients.
  • My business deserves the best clients.
  • My business attracts the best clients.
  • I love how people like me and enjoy working with me.
  • I love how I always seem to know where to find my ideal clients.
  • It is so easy to get new and interested clients.
  • I am happy that new clients flow to my business easily and effortlessly.
  • I love how easy it is for me to make a sale.
  • I am very clear about who my ideal client is.
  • I choose to work with ideal clients.
Choose ideal clients
  • I choose to attract ideal clients to my business.
  • I love how helping people comes naturally to me.
  • I love how my clients always leave me five star reviews.
  • I love reading the glowing testimonials from my clients.
  • I enjoy receiving positive feedback from my clients.
  • I love that my clients are so happy with my business that they tell all of their friends.
  • I enjoy watching my business grow.
  • I love how my client base continues to increase.
  • Increasing my client base is easy for me.
  • Increasing my customer numbers is easy for me.
  • I am good at choosing the ideal clients to work with.
  • I am happy that I’m in a position where I can choose which clients I want to work with.
  • I love how my clients always happily pay their bills on time.
  • I love how it feels when my clients are happy with my work.
Clients happy

Attracting clients doesn’t have to be hard. Start practicing using affirmations to attract clients and you’ll soon be so busy you’ll get to pick and choose only the best clients to work with!

If you work in a team or office environment, pick your favorite client attracting affirmations from our list, print them out, and put them up around your office.

That way your whole team will be putting out positive, client attracting vibes and you’ll all be enjoying an abundance of clients and customers in no time.


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