Affirmations For Athletes, Sports & Fitness

We all know that to be an athlete, amateur or professional, you need to have your body working in tip top shape. But your mind is just as important in your sports and fitness journey as your body is.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool to use to help get your fitness on track or to help improve your skills in your chosen sport.

Used correctly, positive affirmations for athletes can also change your game day performance and lift you from that ‘also ran’ category into the Best On Ground or Player Of The Match territory.

You can use affirmations for any type of sport or exercise. We’ll continue to add to our list of sports covered here.

If you don’t see your chosen sport below, contact us here, and let us know which sport you’re trying to improve your mindset for and we’ll try and get an article published for you as soon as possible.

Otherwise, choose a sport or activity that is similar to the sport you’re looking for and see if you can adapt some affirmations from that sport to suit your needs. 

Whatever your sports and fitness goals are, using positive affirmations will speed up your progress and help you reach those goals with ease.