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My name’s Brian. My wife and I have enjoyed many successes and achievements in our lives and, yes, we put the work in to achieve our success. But, the one thing we’ve always done consistently in our lives is to set goals.

I know it can seem boring to think about and plan your life goals, but we’ve always found having small, achievable goals in place helped us to keep moving our lives forward in the directions we wanted to go.

The best tool we ever found to help us achieve those goals was affirmations. Once you can train your brain to truly see the potential in you, life just continues to get better and better!

We’ve used affirmations in our professional and personal lives for many years now, without even really thinking about it, it’s just second nature to us.

So, when our teenage son wanted to improve his basketball game, it seemed like the most obvious thing in the world to me to set him up with some affirmations.

But, searching online for affirmations for athletes, I was disappointed to find that there wasn’t really much out there for this kind of sports and athletics purpose.

It seemed odd to me as I can pretty much guarantee that most of the top athletes in the world would use this kind of technique to stay on top of their game and get in the zone. 

So, we decided to create this resource to make a place where all of the best affirmations for every aspect of anyone’s life can be found conveniently all in one website. And thus, Winning Affirmations was born.

Not just for sports, you can use Winning Affirmations to ‘win’ in any part of your life – career, study, and even your love life!

These affirmations shouldn’t be kept a secret or held hostage until you hand over cash for them, which is why Winning Affirmations is a free resource for you to use and share as you see fit. 

Everyone deserves the chance to create the best possible version of themselves and to win at life!

To Your Success,


Brian From Winning Affirmations

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