Positive Affirmations For Australian Rules Football (AFL) Players

Positive Affirmations For Australian Rules Football Players

This was an interesting request we had come to us from the website. Lucas, from Perth Australia, plays Australian Rules Football, also known as AFL or Aussie Rules, and wants to improve his game through positive affirmations. 

Not knowing much about Australian football myself, I was lucky enough to be able to contact some friends from Melbourne, Australia, who were able to help me put together this list of positive affirmations for Australian Rules Football, or AFL, players.

If you’re an AFL player and have come seeking help with some positive affirmations, then the below statements will probably all make sense to you. If you’ve not had much to do with ‘Aussie Rules’ before, then you might find some of the terms, like ‘Specky’ a bit confusing! 

Many of the below affirmations can be applied to any sport, especially other types of football, but some of them are quite specific and unique to Aussie Rules.

Using Positive Affirmations To Improve Sports Performance

using positive affirmations to improve sports performance

When using affirmations to improve sports performance, the method is the same as using affirmations to help in any other area of your life.

Simply read through the below list and pick out 3 or 4 affirmations that really resonate with you and what you are trying to achieve. Remember, you don’t have to actually be capable of the statement yet, you just have to want to achieve it and be prepared to do what it takes to achieve it.

Once you’ve chosen your positive affirmations you’ll want to start using them at least once, preferably twice, a day. You can learn more about how to use affirmations here, but the general gist is to repeat your chosen affirmations 10-15 times, twice a day.

You can say them out loud, in your head, write them down or listen to them on a recording, the important thing to do is to use them regularly and consistently!

Just like the physical training you do for your sport, this mental training needs to be a regular and consistent part of your life.

Your chosen affirmations should become like a mantra you repeat over and over whenever you need or want to.

Australian Rules Football Affirmations

  • I am motivated to help my team win.
I am motivated to help my team win
  • I am a fast runner.
  • I am extremely coordinated with my maneuvers.
  • I am dedicated to my football goals.
  • I focus on the team goal.
  • I am able to focus during practice.
  • I am a reliable teammate.
  • I have an accurate kick.
  • I am someone who always trains hard.
  • I pass accurately.
  • I have clean hands.
  • I am first to the ball.
Afl affirmations - first to the ball
  • I am a ball magnet.
  • I always compete for the ball.
  • I am focused on contributing my role within the team.
  • I will help my team win.
  • I always perform well in high pressure situations.
  • I will kick goals.
  • I am dedicated to my training.
  • I am willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.
  • I am able to outrun any opponent.
  • I always play my absolute best.
  • I am focused on helping my team win.  
Afl affirmations - focused team win
  • I am agile.
  • I am fast.
  • I mark cleanly.
  • I make good choices on the field.
  • I am able to position myself well to receive the ball.
  • Accurate kicking is easy for me.
  • I pass to my team mate’s chest every time.
  • I make fast decisions on the field.
  • I get 20 possessions a game.
  • I dispose of the ball accurately.
  • I am always in the best position to receive the ball.
Afl affirmations - best position to receive
  • I take overhead marks easily.
  • I defend so well my opponent barely touches the ball.
  • The ball is intended for me.
  • I am great at kicking goals.
  • I am naturally designed to play football.
  • I am naturally a fast runner.
  • I always find my target.
  • I am naturally a top-notch football player.
  • My kicks are bullets.
Afl affirmations - kicks are bullets
  • My kicks are darts.
  • My hand-eye coordination is perfect on the field.
  • I am untackleable.
  • My tackles cannot be broken.
  • My handballs are fast and accurate.
  • I follow through when I kick.
  • I attack the ball.
  • I attack the ball in the air.
  • I take on every contest.
  • Picking up the ball is easy for me.
  • Winning the ball is easy for me.
Afl affirmations - winning the ball
  • Kicking goals is easy for me.
  • Marking the ball is easy for me.
  • I am disciplined.
  • I am dedicated to improving my football skills.
  • I am in the process of becoming an elite football player.
  • My kick gets more accurate each day.
  • I enjoy playing football.
  • I enjoy winning the ball.
  • I love how I am naturally talented at football.
  • I love competing hard for the ball.
  • I enjoy competing hard for the ball.
Afl affirmations - competing hard for the ball
  • I can win the ball in any contest.
  • I rove the pack and pick up the ball with ease.
  • Flying through the air to take a specky comes naturally to me.
  • I am a great full back.
  • I am a great defender.
  • I jump high in every ruck contest.
  • I win every tap out.
  • I find my teammates with ease.
  • I am committed to becoming the best ruckman for my team.
  • I am an asset to my team.
  • Bouncing a football is easy for me.
Afl affirmations - bouncing a football
  • I go hard at the ball.
  • I am prepared to give my all for my team.
  • I compete hard for all four quarters.
  • I am dedicated to becoming an elite football player.
  • I love competition.
  • I am a smart footballer.
  • I am able to read the play and position myself well to support my team.
  • I love keeping fit and playing football at the highest level.
  • I am able to kick goals accurately.
  • I am an elite Aussie Rules football player.
Afl affirmations - elite football player

If you haven’t found some affirmations that really resonate with your desired outcomes here, you can easily write your own. Just remember to keep them positive – you don’t want to say ‘I won’t drop the mark’ because what your brain might take from that is simply ‘drop the mark’.

Instead you would say ‘I always hold the mark’ or ‘I am good at taking marks’. When you are first learning to write your own affirmations it’s a good idea to think of statements that start with ‘I am’, ‘I love’ or ‘I enjoy’.

These will help you to remember to keep your affirmations positive. As you get more experienced you can try adding some new phrases to begin your statements.

Whether you’re a beginner just learning the ropes of AFL, or a more experienced player trying to break through to the top league, using positive affirmations can really help your game.

Aussie rules players have to run very long distances every game to be competitive, so you might also benefit from some general fitness affirmations to help you keep achieving your dreams and kicking goals (pun intended)!

Keep this list of positive affirmations for Australian Rules football players handy by pinning it to your favorite Pinterest board!

affirmations for australian rules football players


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