Affirmations For Basketball Players

Affirmations For Basketball Players

As a teenager I spent many happy hours on the basketball court and I’m pleased to say that the love for the sport has flowed through to my own teenagers who have all played a bit of basketball.

My youngest is still playing and enjoys competing at a fairly high level. It helps that he’s 6’2” already at the age of 14, but height, while helpful, isn’t everything when it comes to playing basketball.

Like all sports, basketball requires grit and determination to keep honing your skills if you want to keep playing at the highest levels possible. Having the right mindset to achieve is crucial for this, and this is where positive affirmations for basketball players can help!

As with any athlete, fitness is a key component to succeeding in sport. If you feel your fitness levels need improvement, use these fitness affirmations to help you reach your goals.

But, if you’re fit and ready to play basketball, but just need something to help you get that mental edge on your competitors, these basketball affirmations are just what you need.

basketball affirmations

How To Use Basketball Affirmations To Improve Your Game

Positive affirmations are easy to use. All you have to do is choose a few of the affirmations listed below that truly resonate with you and what you are trying to achieve.

So, if you really need to improve your 3 point shooting, choose some affirmations that address this skill. If your defense needs help, choose the ones that will help in that area.

Once you’ve chosen your affirmations for basketball success, you need to start using them or practicing them. To do this, simply say each affirmation over and over, about 10-15 times, and repeat this process at least twice a day. You can do this by:

  • Saying your affirmations out loud.
  • ‘Saying’ them in your head.
  • Recording them and listening to them over and over.
  • Writing them out repeatedly.

Choose whichever method works best for you, you can even combine the methods and use them all if it works, the important thing is to remember to practice your affirmations every day (twice a day).

Eventually your brain will start to believe that what you are saying is true and so will take the steps to make it happen for you. Your brain wants you to achieve, you just need to tell it what you want!

positive basketball affirmations

So, whether you’ve got your sights set on joining the NBA, or you just want to improve your game, use these basketball affirmations to help get you there.

Positive Affirmations For Basketball Players

  • I am a ball magnet.
  • I am a talented basketball player.
  • Dribbling comes naturally to me.
  • I shoot to score.
  • I am a team player.
  • I am an asset to my team.
  • I have an accurate shot.
Basketball affirmations - accurate shot
  • I am a reliable teammate.
  • I am a great defender.
  • It is normal for me to block my opponent’s shots.
  • I am a tenacious rebounder.
  • Rebounding comes naturally to me.
  • It is normal for me to shoot and score.
  • I am dedicated to the game.
  • I train hard and play hard.
  • I am first to the ball.
  • I am unstoppable on the basketball court.
basketball affirmations - unstoppable
  • I am improving my game every day.
  • I am dedicated to becoming a pro basketball player.
  • I have what it takes to become a pro player.
  • I dribble confidently.
  • It is easy for me to dribble down the court.
  • I make good decisions on the court.
  • I shoot accurately.
  • I shoot hoops with precision.
  • I am diligent and dedicated to my team and the game.
  • I pass accurately.
Basketball affirmations - pass accurately
  • I always know when to pass the ball.
  • I am focused on becoming a better player.
  • I am confident in my basketball playing ability.
  • I am naturally talented.
  • Shooting 3 pointers comes easily to me.
  • Shooting free throws comes easily to me.
  • I am an accurate 3 point shooter.
  • I am an accurate free throw shooter.
  • I am a natural winner.
  • Winning the game comes naturally to me.
Basketball affirmations - winning the game
  • I am an important member of my team.
  • I focus easily during a game.
  • I am driven to succeed.
  • I enjoy practicing my skills.
  • I am committed to improving my basketball skills.
  • I am committed to improving my shooting.
  • I train hard. I practice my skills. I will succeed.
  • Playing basketball comes naturally to me.
  • It is easy for me to make my free throws.
  • It is easy for me to shoot 3 pointers.
Basketball affirmations - easy shoot 3
  • I am great at layups.
  • I am fast and agile.
  • I am a skilled dribbler.
  • My ball skills are top notch.
  • I am like a wall they can’t get past.
  • I am calm and capable on the court.
  • Playing basketball comes naturally to me.
  • I score effortlessly.
  • I have an accurate shot.
  • I shoot hoops like a pro.
  • I dribble smoothly and quickly.
Basketball affirmations - dribble smoothly
  • I am well coordinated with all of my maneuvers.
  • I am a good defender, nobody gets past me.
  • Jump shots are easy for me.
  • I am the master of lay-ups.
  • I am the free throw master.
  • I am the 3 point master.
  • I am developing into a pro player.
  • Dribbling the basketball is my thing.
  • I am a master dribbler.
  • I play basketball with ease.
Basketball affirmations - play with ease
  • I play basketball with ease and perfection.
  • I naturally score.
  • I am a solid 3 point scorer.
  • I am a solid free throw shooter.
  • I can always rely on my shots.
  • I jump high.
  • I rebound with ease because of my jump.
  • My reflexes are swift.
  • I am a genius of the game.
Basketball affirmations - genius of game
  • I am able to dunk.
  • Slam dunks are easy for me.
  • I am a talented ball handler.
  • I pass and shoot with ease and accuracy.
  • I am focused on improving my basketball skills.
  • I am confident in my shooting.
  • I am confident that I will score.
  • I am confident in my rebounds.
  • I am confident in my lay-ups.
  • I always make the shot.
Basketball affirmations - make the shot
  • I am accurate when shooting.
  • I shoot with pinpoint accuracy.
  • I have a lot to offer my team.
  • I am the king of defense.
  • I am determined to be the best.
  • I am happy playing basketball.
  • I feel at ease when on the court.
  • Getting a triple-double is easy for me.
  • It is normal for me to score a triple-double.
  • I am great at assists – my team needs me.
  • I am the king of the free throw line.
basketball affirmations - king of free throw
  • I am the king of the paint – nobody gets past me.
  • Shooting from the 3 point line is easy for me.
  • I drive into the paint confidently.
  • I attack the hoop with confidence.
  • My ball handling skills are elite.
  • I am determined to do what it takes to improve my shooting.
  • I am determined to do whatever it takes to improve my game.
  • I am a pro basketball player.
  • I have elite basketball skills.
Basketball affirmations - elite basketball skills
  • My leap and my reach are envied by all.
  • I am motivated to help my team win.
  • I am extremely well coordinated with my maneuvers.
  • I am dedicated to my basketball goals.
  • I always compete for the ball.
  • I am dedicated to my training.
  • I am agile.
  • I will do whatever it takes to become a better basketball player.
  • I make fast decisions on the court.
  • I am fast and agile.
Basketball affirmations - fast and agile
  • I have the power to improve my shooting.
  • I have the power to improve my accuracy.
  • I am a natural basketball player.
  • I am in the process of becoming a better basketball player.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your basketball game. Improve your fitness, work on your skills, and don’t forget to use your positive affirmations. Improving your mental game can help you to take your physical game to a whole new level!

If you can’t find a basketball affirmation that you like here, feel free to write your own affirmation that suits your needs. The important thing to do is to write it as a positive statement.

So, rather than saying “I never miss a shot”, it’s important for your brain to hear it as “I always make the shot”. Otherwise your brain might only take on “miss a shot” and you’ll start to find that you miss more often than you make it.

Remember, keep it positive, with outcomes you hope to achieve and practice your affirmations regularly.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by giving some of these basketball affirmations a go. Choose a few of the ones you feel are best suited to you and get started straight away – your basketball coach will be glad you did!


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